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The Best Luxury Easter Eggs

The following companies offer a fine selection of Easter eggs with a gourmet touch.

Hotel Chocolat’s Easter Egg Range

In terms of variety for Easter chocolate, Hotel Chocolat covers most bases. The presentation is what makes Hotel Chocolat much more than a selection of white, dark and milk chocolate eggs. There is a strawberry melt egg sandwich, a Sleekster egg box selection with different centres and a series of extra thick eggs culminating in the Giant Ostrich. Kids are not forgotten either with a cute selection of bunnies and chicks at affordable prices. There are also plenty of miniatures eggs which are ideal for those Easter egg hunts.

Rococo’s Hand Painted Eggs

Rococo Chocolates won a recognition of excellence award from the Fine Chocolate Industry Association. Rococo’s Easter eggs include some truly stunning hand painted eggs. The smaller packs of eggs are no less attractive and include some quail eggs in a little blue house. Other nice touches are a praline city farm which is aimed at children and their signature collection of real hen’s eggs with the egg taken out and replaced with hazelnut praline.

Chocolate Trading Company Delivers Choice of Easter Egg Brands

The Chocolate Trading Company is also an excellent source for Easter chocolate as it has a selection of quality brands under one roof that are not available on the high street. Companies like Booja Booja and the world renowned Michel Cluizel have contributed to their Easter collection. Highlights include the hand painted egg made from paper mache and the Chocolate Trading Company’s own Oeuf Amande and Oeuf Maisonette range of large eggs, the latter uniquely decorated in a bird house design.

Montezuma’s Easter Hamper and Free Range Eco-Egg

Montezuma’s is another British company, like Hotel Chocolat and Rococo, but perhaps even more left field in terms of taste and design. However, their Easter egg selection is perhaps the most innovative. It includes a Free Range Eco-Egg made with organic milk and butterscotch. The space age looking Eco Egg outer is made from 70% post industrial recycled corrugate and 30% ordinary newsprint. Their Giant Easter Hamper will keep the whole family happy for under £100.

Divine Chocolate the Fair Trade Chocolate Company

Divine Chocolate is the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 45% owned by farmers (in Ghana). They also happen to make some exquisite Easter treats too. Divine probably excels more than most with the dark chocolate eggs, but there is also a milk chocolate mini egg handbag that might appeal for its design.

Green and Black’s Easter Egg Range

Green & Black’s range of eggs now all carry the Fairtrade mark too; meaning you can rest assured that you’ll be giving, or indulging in, the finest quality, ethically-produced, chocolate eggs the Easter season has to offer. Their Luxury Easter eggs contain extra thick shells and are available in two flavours: Dark 70% chocolate egg with two dark bars (Cherry & Ginger) and Milk chocolate egg with two milk bars (Butterscotch and Almond).

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