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Painting Easter Eggs: How to Make Hand Painted Eggs.

The egg was a symbol of rebirth and was used to celebrate springtime before the Christians used eggs as a way to mark the resurrection of Jesus.

Painted eggs have been used for decoration for years, especially in Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Poland. This is not one of the new Easter egg ideas but is one that should be re visited as it is easy for everyone to try.

What is Needed to make Painted Easter Eggs

  • hen eggs
  • sharp sewing needle
  • tooth picks
  • bowl
  • paper towels
  • small paint brush
  • colored inks, available at any good art or craft store.
  • a piece of polystyrene
  • skewers
  • can of polyurethane spray
  • Thin ribbon or cord
  • buttons or beads.

How to Prepare for Easter Egg Coloring

  1. Take an egg and gently pierce a hole in the pointed end of the egg. This may take a little time so be patient and try not to force it . It may be necessary to twist and turn the needle gently, like a drill. This is a job best left for the adults. Children can concentrate on the painting.
  2. Turn the egg and pierce a hole in the other end, making this hole a bit larger.
  3. Hold the egg over the bowl and push the needle or a tooth pick inside and gently wriggle it to break the yolk.
  4. Holding the end of the egg over the bowl blow through the smaller hole until the yolk and white of the egg are all removed. This may take a bit of blowing.
  5. Run water through the holes and gently shake the egg to clean out the inside.
  6. Dry with a paper towel
  7. Place the egg onto a skewer and push the skewer into the polystyrene so the egg can be supported while painting.

Making the Painted Easter Eggs

  1. Painting of the eggs is up to the individual. Dots, zig zags and lines can be used or flowers, even people and animals can be painted onto the eggs.
  2. Allow each color to dry before adding another color so the ink doesn’t blend together. Ink drys fast so is an ideal medium for this.
  3. Leave the finished eggs to dry on the skewers
  4. When dry, a spray of polyurethane can be added if desired. This will give a glowing finish and will protect the colors on the egg from fading.

To Make Hangers for the Easter Eggs

  1. Find a nice fine ribbon or cord to match the egg and buttons or beads to match also. These should be big enough to cover the holes in the egg but not so big that they look clumsy.
  2. Tie a length of the cord/ribbon through the bead/button that will be at the bottom of the egg and tie in a knot
  3. Thread the ribbon/cord through the egg
  4. Tie the ribbon/cord through the bead/button at the top of the egg
  5. To make a loop, tie the two ends together at the top of the ribbon/cord
  6. Make a bow at the top of the loop if wished.

How to Display these Easter Crafts

  1. Place the eggs in a decorative bowl or basket and place on the Easter table
  2. Spray paint a forked branch and stand the branch in a vase or pot. Polystyrene or marbles can be used to stop the branch from leaning over. Hang the eggs from the branches
  3. While these eggs are probably too delicate for an Easter egg hunt, they could have clues painted on them and used for a treasure hunt for adults and older children.

Making painted Easter eggs brings the family together in a creative activity, with eggs that can be passed down through generations.

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