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Little Book of Easter Activities: An Usborne Craft and Cooking Resource for Parents and Teachers

The Usborne miniature edition Easter Activities book provides fun and education for children, their parents and teachers alike.

Usborne Publishing has come to the rescue of busy parents with children who want creative, educational activities at their fingertips but have a lack of storage space for all their resources. The series of miniature edition books are hard-backed and handbag-sized, suitable for both small hands and cosy bookshelves. This is a review of a practical book within the Usborne series, entitled Little Book of Easter Activities (Usborne).

Skills Covering the Easter Themes

This is not a religious-based activity book. However, the many other themes associated with Easter are covered here; from springtime associations with eggs and chicks to the Easter Bunny; Easter cakes through to something children have come to accept as part of the Easter ritual – treats!

Most of the activities utilise more than one craft skill. There is everything here, from the simplest drawing and paint-printing, to more advanced paper-crafts. Everything made from this book can be turned into a tangible object, to keep or give away to relatives or school friends.

Inside the Book

The book is essentially split into two halves, the first dealing with craft activities, and the latter half with children’s cooking. Each activity has step-by-step instructions, illustrated in full, vibrant colour, which leads to a photograph of the final, finished project. The instructions are written in clear, straightforward language. The crafts in particular, are written so that a confident reader could follow the instructions independently of an adult. Slightly more technical terms are used in the recipes, but these are still perfectly understandable to a confident reader, although adult supervision would still be required as some recipes need the use of knives and the oven.

The last few pages of the book are dedicated to providing examples of how to wrap and present the projects so they can be used as gifts. The ideas here give added value to the book as they are paper crafts themselves. And talking of value…

A Value for Money Purchase

Careful thought has gone into the choice of activities here. Although labelled as a book for Easter, in fact a substantial proportion of the crafts and cooking activities can be used throughout the whole of the springtime and summer seasons, with some being appropriate for all year round – who is going to mind if their child wants to cook a scrumptious cake at any time of the year?!

Although the activities in this book have been stipulated as suitable for the 4+ age range, many of the ideas here can be used with much younger children, provided there is adequate adult supervision. This is of particular use where there is more than one child in a family as the large age span of activities gives this little Usborne book many years of usage and makes it a book worth having on the shelf.

This would also make an excellent resource in pre-schools and for the younger age range of pupils in schools as the activities are suited to both boys and girls (although the yummy recipes aremost certainly ageless. You do not need to be a youngster to enjoy them!) This may be a little book, but it has an awful lot squeezed inside.

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