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How to Fold a Paper Origami Easter Lily from Two Equal Triangles

The classic origami lily model has four petals. However, true Easter lilies have six petals. To make an Easter lily using origami paper, you must first cut the square sheets into triangles. Making two lilies with three petals each, you then assemble them to make a six-petaled flower. The Easter lily is a slightly advanced origami model. Anyone who can make an origami crane should be able to make the lily project with no problems.

Step 1

Start with two equilateral triangles of origami or other decorative paper. They should be the same size. If you don’t want to bother with protractors and rulers, you can make an equilateral triangle easily from a square of origami paper.

Now you will make two separate lilies with three petals each. Note that the photos accompanying this article illustrate some of the steps.

To make one lily:

Step 2

Fold one of the triangles in half, matching two corners, and crease well. Open it and you will see a crease that runs from one corner to the exact middle of the opposite side. Repeat the fold twice more for the remaining corners so you have three creases in the triangle that intersect in the middle.

Step 3

If one side of the paper is colored, place the colored side down. Bring all three corners together. Don’t make any new creases, but rather reverse the existing creases to make this fold. The model now looks kind of like a three-petaled flower. Place the model on one side so that one “petal” forms a pocket standing straight up.

Step 4

Press the crease at the top of the pocket down to align with the line where the two other flaps of the triangle come together underneath. Press the paper flat. This is called squash folding. Now the model is kite-shaped. Two upper flaps extend beyond the pocket you created with the squash fold.

Step 5

Pick up the right corner of the squash-folded pocket and bring it to meet the left corner. This is called page turning and will create another pocket. Squash-fold it into a pocket. Page-turn the right corner and squash-fold the third corner. Now the model is diamond-shaped.

Step 6

Fold the top layer of the lower right edge of the diamond to line up with the center line. Crease well. Repeat with the top layer of the lower left edge. Page-turn the model and repeat for the other four layers of the lower half of the diamond. Now the model is kite-shaped again.

Step 7

Turn the model around so that the skinny side points away from you. Unfold the top right flap and pull out the pocket at the bottom of the flap slightly. Refold the flap, reversing the creases at the bottom so that the right point tucks inside the pocket. Page-turn the model and repeat this reverse folding on the other five flaps.

Step 8

Page-fold one more time so that the model looks solid without any tucked flaps showing. Fold the lower left edge to line up with the center crease and crease well. Repeat for the lower right edge. Page-turn and repeat for the other four flaps.

Step 9

The three points of the model facing away from you are the petals of the lily. Curl each petal around a pencil so that they curve away from each other. Your model will start to look like an actual Easter lily.

Repeat Steps 2 through 9 to make a second 3-petaled lily.

Step 10

Place the second lily into the first one so that the six petals are evenly spaced around the center. The small flaps on the outside of the inner lily will lock into the small flaps on the inside of the outer lily.

Voila! Your Easter lily is finished. Push a green craft pipe cleaner into the end of the lily for a stem. Make several and present a whole bouquet of origami Easter lilies to someone you love.

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