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Healthy Easter Baskets and Halloween Treat Bags: Limit Sweets by Selecting Healthy Treats for Kids

The Easter egg hunt is loads of fun, and the basket is overflowing with jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Six months later, kids come back from trick-or-treating with bags filled with miniature candy bars, gum, and chocolate coins. Both times of year are loads of fun, until the sugar kicks in. Then the children are spinning in circles, and parents are shaking their heads.

Hunt for Holiday Treats

Take the zaniness out of both holidays. As you shop, keep an eye out for non-candy clearance items. Places like Claire’s Boutique put girls’ novelty items on clearance for as low as ten for a dollar. They are usually on a table toward the back of the store. You might find hairclips, lip gloss, earrings, rings, and more. Occasionally, there are larger items, such as purses, fuzzy slippers, or crown-shaped princess pillows.

Dollar stores are another great place to find goodies, from toys and school supplies to cracker packs and books. Look for bundled items, like packages of racing cars or glow necklaces and bracelets.

Target stores have a section in front of their stores full of items that are perfect additions to baskets and bags. You might find Hello Kitty socks and paraphernalia, Spider Man pens and stickers, bubble bath, lip gloss, or yoyos. After each season, these low-priced items are reduced even lower. What a great time to stock up. Also, look for clearance items on the end caps of the aisles as you peruse the store.

The Oriental Trading Company has thousands of items, with many specifically geared toward holidays. All are sure kid-pleasers. Single items are sold, but most come in bulk, so these are perfect for Halloween treat bags or for Easter baskets for an organization. If the idea of buying in bulk intimidates you, split an order with a friend or group of friends. And by telling a friend, you can save money on your order.

Whether you shop OTC online or through the catalogue, you will find stationary, jewelry, inspirational pieces, craft kits, hobby supplies, and even personalized products. Shop here for baskets, eggs, and treat bags as well. Halloween novelties include spider rings, wax teeth, and bouncing eyeballs. While you are at it, check out the sale and the party planning sections.

Plan Ahead

By planning ahead, you can provide personalized Easter baskets. (Don’t forget to include a few sweet treats to avoid disappointment.) While candy is, well, candy, and there is only so much variety, the types of novelties available are endless. Trick-or-treaters will walk away from your house with a bag of tricks to pull on friends and family. And you can find solace in the fact that you have set the standard for a healthier, calmer holiday experience.

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