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Fun, Easy Easter Handicrafts Using Eggs & Beads: Create Interesting Spring Decorations Using Imagination and Scraps

Marzipan eggs, eggshell candles, and bead rabbits are all fun and easy to make, and are projects that can be tackled by children. Candle wax or granulates, scraps of fabric, glue, and accessories like ribbons, beads, and braid are all that’s necessary to create Easter decorations and gifts.

Eggshell Candles

Create an easy egg candle for the Easter or spring table. It couldn’t be simpler. Just cut a cooked or raw egg in half, trying to keep the half shell as intact as possible. Take out the contents. If the egg was raw, carefully wash the inside out with some warm water, and rinse with vinegar to get rid of the egg smell. Insert a wick into the egg shell, then fill the shell with candle wax granulates, or with melted wax. Put the candle into a pretty egg cup. Make a group of them for a centrepiece, or one for each place setting. Use coloured wax, or wax granulates in pretty pastel shades, and decorate the egg cup and surrounds with correspondingly coloured flowers, ribbons, beads, etc.

Marzipan Egg

Something different from the usual chocolate egg, these eggs are easy to make. Simply fashion some marzipan into an egg shape. Make them as large or as small as you wish. Use ready coloured marzipan, or if the marzipan is plain, colour it pastel shades using food colouring. Allow to dry, and decorate with piped icing sugar or use marzipan fashioned leaves, flowers, fruit or other Easter motifs. You can also decorate it using braid, small beads, and other motifs. Place the eggs in a basket, or use them for children’s games such as egg and spoon races, as they don’t break like normal eggs.

Easy to Make Bead Bunnies

Two beads, pipe cleaners or thick white string, some scraps of fabric, some glue and a pen are all that’s needed to create some whimsical rabbits to decorate the table or Easter baskets. The bead for the body should have a hole drilled through it, big enough to take two pipe cleaners, or two pieces of the thick string. These become the arms – long enough to hold a tiny egg or other Easter favour.

Cut a circle of fabric, and glue it to the bead to become a dress. Another small fabric circle can become a collar, hiding the arms where they come out of the bead. Glue the second bead to the body to become a head, and decorate appropriately with eyes, teeth, and so on. Cut out two felt ears and glue to the top of the head. Add a string for hanging, and make a collection to hang from a shrub or garden plant in the Central European way.

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