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Easter Themed Food World Records

With Easter approaching, soon many of us will be gorging on chocolate eggs, biting the ears off chocolate bunnies and munching on warm hot cross buns. But what are the most extreme Easter foods that have been made and eaten?

Here is a look at the stories behind the most expensive Easter egg in the world, the largest chocolate bunny and a hot cross bun that is almost 200 years old.

The Most Expensive Chocolate Easter Egg

The jewel-encrusted Faberge eggs are well known for their luxury and vast expense. But the most expensive chocolate Easter egg went on sale in 2015 for £50,000. Made in Paris for La Maison du Chocolat, the egg was painstakingly decorated with over one hundred diamonds and given the name The Diamond Stella Egg.

The egg took three weeks to make, with each diamond placed onto the egg using melted chocolate. The egg featured peach and apricot chocolate and measured 65cm tall.

The World’s Largest Chocolate Bunny

In 2015, South Africa became the proud record-holder of the world’s biggest chocolate bunny. It was sculpted by artist Harry Johnson and took the form of the famous Duracell bunny. Coming in at 12ft high, the bunny took three days to create from solid blocks of chocolate and ended up weighing over three tons (2721 kilos).

After the bunny had been on display and records verified, it was broken up and given to around 250 disadvantaged children, who were able to enjoy this piece of history.

The Oldest Hot Cross Bun in the World

The Telegraph reported that a 91 year old woman owned the world’s oldest hot cross bun. Although the dried fruit has vanished over the years, the imprinted cross on the dry, circular bun can still be seen.

Nancy Titman keeps the bun, which was baked in 1821, in a small cardboard box. It was baked by her great great grandfather, who was helping out in his father’s bakery in London. He took the bun home as a souvenir for his mother, who did not eat it, but kept it safe. The bun was passed to Nancy after her mother died and she insists that it is a “relic which has been passed down through the family”.

So as you tuck into your Easter treats this year, consider some of the outrageous and unusual Easter foods that have made their way into the record books.

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