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Easter Marks the Spring Season

Easter marks the time of year when our thoughts turn to springtime and the upcoming warmer weather. With summer just around the corner, Easter ushers in a flurry of activity. Not only is it a time of year when many people celebrate the religious holiday, it is a time when almost everyone starts planning for more outdoor activity and fun.

As you prepare for the spring season and embark on this incredible reawakening of nature and all of its beauty, it’s helpful to also create a life that is filled with health and vitality. When you focus on creating a fulfilling, energetic life, you’ll get more out of life than you ever expected. What better time than Easter to start some new traditions?

Consider some of the following healthy tips and ideas to get you started on the right foot:

  1. Start or maintain an active lifestyle. Whether you prefer organized sports, a public gym, or the solitude of a park, find a place to get some exercise. Walking is one of the most effective and easiest exercises to include in your daily schedule. A good pair of walking shoes, a bottle of cold water, and a good friend are all you need to make it enjoyable and healthy.
  2. Prepare and eat nutritious meals made from healthy, wholesome ingredients. Easter marks the time when fresh vegetables, fruits, and healthy foods abound. Create a daily diet around these fresh ingredients and include lean meats and plenty of water. Go light on the carbs, fats, and sugars and you’ll look and feel better.
  3. Get an annual check-up! We often overlook this important aspect of health care, but prevention is just as important as treatment. A check-up will determine if your blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, blood sugar, and other indicators are within normal range. Women should also include an annual pap-smear and breast exam/mammogram, while men should include a prostate exam. Health plans provide healthy preventive guidelines for all ages so be sure to visit the health plan’s website.
  4. Spend time with friends and family as often as possible. Easter is a great time to plan a family event. Children love hiding Easter eggs and playing games outdoors. It’s a special time to socialize and enjoy the beauty of nature. But it is just the start of the season, so make time to socialize with family and friends while enjoying the bounty of the earth often. People who have active, healthy social lives are mentally and physically healthier and live longer lives.

Take advantage of the Easter holiday to enjoy activities, good food, and friends. Look at this time of the year as a time to renew your commitment to healthy living. As the earth undergoes a massive renewal and rebirth, it’s the ideal time for everyone to join in the fun.

Happy Easter!

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