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Easter Dinner Menu Ideas

Each spring, Easter is celebrated by Christians as they day that Jesus rose from the dead. It is a celebration of salvation and victory and there is no better way to celebrate than to make a wonderful dinner and share it with family and close friends. Here are some suggestions for your Easter dinner menu.


Ham for Easter Dinner


In the United States and Canada a very traditional Easter dinner is ham. Ham is wonderfully easy to make and can be accompanied by a number of delicious side dishes. Ham is typically baked in the oven either with or without a glaze. For several different baked ham recipes you can check out Easter Recipes at RecipeTips.com. For your side dishes you could make have several salad options such as a potato salad, a green garden salad and a gelatin salad. You could also choose side dishes that you could have served at Thanksgiving such as green bean casserole and sweet potatoes. Check out this article Thanksgiving Side Dishes for some great ideas.


Easter Dinner in the United Kingdom


In the United Kingdom, a traditional Easter dinner would be roast lamb. For instructions on preparing a roast lamb meal for Easter dinner you can check out www.seasonalfoodrecipes.co.uk. According to the website Life In Italy, roast lamb is also a very traditional Easter dinner menu item there as well. There are a number of different side dishes that go well with roast lamb such as Potato and Onion salad or Pasta salad with onions. You can find more suggestions and recipes for roast lamb side dishes at www.lamb-roast.co.uk/sides.php.


Non Traditional Easter Dinner Menu Ideas


Of course, there is no law that says you have to serve a traditional menu for Easter dinner. The most important elements of your Easter dinner are the group of people that you share it with. If your friends and family are not big fans of ham or roast lamb then you could consider a great pasta dish like lasagna or you could even start up the grill and prepare a great meal that way. If you are cooking for a large crowd then you may want to go with a traditional Easter dinner menu item and then a non traditional menu item as well since not everyone shares the same taste and this way you will have wonderful, delicious options for everyone.

To finish off your wonderful Easter dinner you could serve a fantastic dessert and have Easter candy goody bags for everyone.

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