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Dog Themed Easter Basket Ideas for Easter Sunday: Make Easter Egg Baskets Full of Holiday Dog Treats

When it comes to celebrating the Easter holiday, there are a lot of things that are associated with the holiday. There is of course the religious celebration, but there is also the fun of celebrating the holiday with things like colored Easter eggs, candy, the Easter bunny and of course the traditional Easter Egg hunt. Many people also give their children an Easter basket. This basket is traditionally filled with Easter candy and other goodies that they can enjoy for the coming weeks.

Well just because the children get all sort of goodies for the holiday, doesn’t mean that fido should get left out. After all he or she is certainly part of the family. So to participate in all the Easter fun and to get his or her very own treats, here are some suggestions on what to get the dog for his or her very own Easter basket.

A Bunny Costume for a Dog

What better way to celebrate the Easter holiday then to dress the dog up like Peter Cottontail. A nice white hooded shirt with bunny ears on top will certainly suffice. Or if that doesn’t seem like fit, many pet stores carry t-shirts, sweatshirts and other costumes specifically made for the spring time or Easter holiday. Pick up a costume and place it in the dog’s Easter basket.

Fill the Easter Basket with Holiday Dog Treats

As the rest of the family gets to enjoy their chocolate easter bunny, then fido should get a few treats as well. Swing by the pet store and pick up some of their favorite treats for them to enjoy. Or if feeling really ambitious, make some homemade treats and decorate them with Easter themes. Just be sure that there are no adverse ingredients to doggies such as chocolate in the homemade treats.

Add Holiday Dog Toys to the Easter Egg Basket

Perhaps a nice bunny rabbit chew toy, or a kong toy in the shape of an egg will do the trick. The local pet store will have plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure to purchase a toy that is size adequate for the dog.

For an extra special treat, have the children give the wrapped dog toy to the dog. Even though the “Easter Bunny” brought it, the kids will have fun watching Fido play with his new toy.

Take Pictures of the Event

As Easter pictures are snapped, don’t forget to take a few of the lucky dog and his pile of Easter gifts. It can make for a fun holiday card, or family newsletter picture.

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