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Creating New Easter Traditions: 6 Ideas for Different Family Customs on Good Friday & Easter Sunday

New Easter traditions are valuable when you’re starting fresh after a tragedy, such as the death or illness of a loved one. Starting new family customs is also a great way to celebrate a new marriage or family reunion at Easter.

Creating new Easter traditions can strengthen your relationships and help you stay emotionally and physically healthy. Plus, creating new family customs at Eastertime can be fun, relaxing, and entertaining for the whole family! These ideas for new Easter traditions are easy and inexpensive.

Six Ideas for New Family Customs at Easter

  1. Create eco-friendly Easter crafts. Explore organic Easter crafts and foods instead of buying the traditional Easter grass, plastic baskets, and tons of packaging. Many green living websites describe quick and easy ways to create natural egg dyes and make eco-friendly Easter crafts.
  2. Volunteer at Easter. Serving food to homeless people or visiting people who can’t leave their homes is an excellent new Easter tradition for families. Explore volunteering options such as food banks, Meals on Wheels, or the SPCA. Many cities have “Volunteer Vancouver” or “Volunteer New York City” websites, which list both short and long-term volunteer needs. Volunteering at Easter can mean making crafts at a special event, which could be fun for the whole family.
  3. Try new Easter dinner recipes. Creating new Easter traditions should involve a delicious Easter dinner! Spending time with your kids, partner, parents or loved ones in the kitchen, baking Easter cookies or decorating eco-friendly Easter eggs is a great way to strengthen your relationships. Pick a holiday recipe that you only make at Easter – perhaps organic chocolate Easter bunnies or melt-in-your-mouth scalloped potatoes – and give each family member a task.
  4. Explore exotic Easter customs. The Russians bake kulich as an Easter tradition; the British make traditional English simnel cakes. Africans, Australians, and Aboriginals all have different customs at Eastertime. Get an Easter book from the library, or surf the Internet with your family, and pick an exotic Easter custom to explore on Good Friday. Maybe your new family tradition at Easter will involve trying a different Easter theme every year!
  5. Enjoy Easter getaways. Instead of staying home at Easter, consider going on an Easter getaway. Your Easter vacation doesn’t have to be for the whole weekend; even just a drive in the country or through a new part of town can be interesting. This can be a meaningful Easter “getaway”, such as a visit to the cemetery on Good Friday.
  6. Discover the meaning of Easter. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ’s resurrection or think it’s a myth, spend some time thinking about new life, growth, and being saved. Talking about leaving old habits and creating new ones is a great way to create a new Easter tradition for your family. Or, consider rediscovering the meaning of Easter, and how your faith or beliefs have changed.

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