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Fun, Easy Easter Handicrafts Using Eggs & Beads: Create Interesting Spring Decorations Using Imagination and Scraps

Marzipan eggs, eggshell candles, and bead rabbits are all fun and easy to make, and are projects that can be tackled by children. Candle wax or granulates, scraps of fabric, glue, and accessories like ribbons, beads, and braid are all that’s necessary to create Easter decorations and gifts. Eggshell Candles ...

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Make Your Own Easter Centerpiece: Decorate Your Table With Easter Eggs, Chicks and Bunnies

Make an Easter table centrepiece: Materials: Newspaper Liquid Starch Scissors Paint Easter grass Purchased baby chicks or bunnies Easter candy A Balloon Sandpaper Pencil Bowl Glass Platter Hot Glue Gun and glue stick (Optional) blade Cut all of the newspaper into one-inch strips. Pour the liquid starch into a bowl. ...

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Little Book of Easter Activities: An Usborne Craft and Cooking Resource for Parents and Teachers

The Usborne miniature edition Easter Activities book provides fun and education for children, their parents and teachers alike. Usborne Publishing has come to the rescue of busy parents with children who want creative, educational activities at their fingertips but have a lack of storage space for all their resources. The ...

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Creating New Easter Traditions: 6 Ideas for Different Family Customs on Good Friday & Easter Sunday

New Easter traditions are valuable when you’re starting fresh after a tragedy, such as the death or illness of a loved one. Starting new family customs is also a great way to celebrate a new marriage or family reunion at Easter. Creating new Easter traditions can strengthen your relationships and ...

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